I have lived in many places and speak many languages i've seen and done many amazing things, met amazing people. I'm still figuring out who i am, what i will do, and who i will become. I like exploring, going off on my own and “I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.

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    Celebrating Easter in Sweden with Påskris

    For a look at how Easter is celebrated in Sweden and across Northern Europe, browse the #påskris hashtag.

    In the spring, florists, markets and city centers in Sweden display twigs and trees sprouting some unexpected blooms: feathers.

    Påskris, or “Easter twigs,” refer to birch twigs that have been decorated after being cut and tied together. These Easter trees, especially when displayed in the home, are adorned with colorful feathers, eggs and more.

    Beginning in the 17th century, Christian Swedes used påskris—without the feathers—to strike one another as a reminder of Jesus’s suffering. During the 18th century, however, påskris transformed into a more vibrant (and less painful) tradition and have spread to other Nordic countries.

    Påskris are placed in water-filled vases and provide bursts of color that Sweden’s spring cannot supply due to its harsh and lengthy winters. If one is lucky enough to find twigs with some early blooms, however, the leaves grow and provide natural color to the påskris, bringing the new life of spring into the home. The more courageous locals will also bring these bursts of color outside the home by adorning the trees that line streets and city centers with colorful feathers and decorations to celebrate Easter and welcome the spring.




    I don’t know which is better, the fact that this commercial exists or that it’s for a real product.

    Lemme fucking tell you something, this shit fucking WORKS. Like damn we have a bottle at my house and IT’S FUCKIN GREAT.

    I kept seeing this pop up during my Youtube searches and I FINALLY WATCHED IT AND I AM SO GLAD I DID.

    (via coffee-without-a-pause)

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