I have lived in many places and speak many languages i've seen and done many amazing things, met amazing people. I'm still figuring out who i am, what i will do, and who i will become. I like exploring, going off on my own and “I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.

||| Maï | Belgian | Egyptian |||
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    apparently the key to happiness is to have a long and shitty winter

    and if you can’t have that, surround yourself with deadly wildlife

    or maybe these countries have free or reasonably priced health care, good education and costs nothing or very little, marriage equality(not all do however on the list but they at least aren’t extremely homophobic either), decent minimum wages, stable economies, low crime rates and so forth and also deadly wildlife because we protect our environment

    Shots fired

    (via fullandemptydays)

    “ Keep only a few close friends. Don’t depend on them for your happiness. Don’t put your happiness in your lover whether requited or not. Learn to be alone, and happy, in your solitude. ”

    —    mvb (via clappingemoji)
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